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Five by Tenn
(Five Short Plays by Tennesee Williams)

2006 Elliot Norton Award for Best Production (Midsized Company)

2006 IRNE Nomination for Best Dramatic Production


Pick for "Best on the Boards 2006" in the Boston Phoenix

Pick for EDGE Best of 2006 in EDGEBoston

"Five by Tenn is right up there with the best work SpeakEasy has ever done. It's also among the best that director Scott Edmiston has done...he’s built a terrific creative team. ...Ellen Adair, who played Thomasina in "Arcadia," continues to show great promise."
-Ed Seigel, Boston Globe

"The ensemble’s extraordinarily transparent performances...capture the aching vulnerability of Williams’ characters for a production that is nothing less than exquisite."
-Terry Byrne, Boston Herald

“Up-and-comer Ellen Adair (last seen as Nora in A Doll’s House) holds her own as one of few women in a primarily male cast.”
-Jenna Scherer, Weekly Dig

"[‘These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch’] boasts a striking performance by Ellen Adair as a teenage girl who flirts with the confused usher. ...And with the closing two pieces, ‘I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow’ and ‘Mister Paradise,’ the program rises to a level of uncommon artistry. ...William Young, an older actor who brings poignant gravity to his assisted with quiet assurance by Rubbe and Adair."
-Robert Nesti, EDGEBoston

"William Young and the ever-radiant Ellen Adair begin as a choleric theatre owner and sluttish teen and close as a dying poet and the breathless fan who comes to resurrect him. "Five by Tenn" may or may not take its place alongside the masterworks but a brave new world has been revealed, nevertheless, and Mr. Williams would weep to hear his freed voice so lovingly sung as it is, here!"
-Carl A. Rossi, TheatreMirror

"William Young and Ellen Adair give commendable performances who give credence to the expression: the written word is powerful."
-Joseph Fahey, Boston City Paper

"Ellen Adair shows up in the last scene as a starry-eyed Bryn Mawr senior determined to bring Young’s "Anthony Paradise," a forgotten poet, back out of obscurity. She appears in "Stairs" as a promiscuous teenager. Even if the material weren’t so intriguing, especially to those familiar with Williams’ more successful work, the general quality of the performance would stand on its own."
-Will Stackman, Aisle Say

"The cast of Five by Tenn does a marvellous job of interpreting Williams’ writing, bringing to life characters who have for so long remained unknown. ...Ellen Adair, William Young, Christopher Brophy, Mary Klug and Allyn Burrows all deliver outstandingly memorable performances."
-Lucienne Pierre, The Mass Media

"A sharp ensemble plumbs the soul of Williams’s angst and artfulness."
-Jules Becker, Boston Courant

"Every character is fleshed out and we come to know them as well as if we had seen them in a full length play. ...the quality cast of actors breathe life into Williams’ creations."
-Nancy Grossman, “Broadway World”

"Impressively acted..."
-Norm Gross, PMP Network

"Given the quality of the cast, someone ought to commandeer [Scott Edmiston’s] rolodex."
-Carolyn Clay, The Boston Phoenix

"The acting in Five by Tenn is uniformly polished and professional."
-Dan Delgado, In Newsweekly

"Not only has Edmiston assembled a tremendously talented ensemble, he has instilled in them a collective reverence for Williams that translates into an exceptional theatrical experience."
-Nick Dussault, Boston Metro


Five by Tenn's final moment

The final moment
From left to right: Christopher Brophy, Allyn Burrows, Bill Young, Ellen Adair, Will McGarrahan, Eric Rubbe, Anne Scurria

William Young, Ellen Adair

Bill Young, Ellen Adair in Mr. Paradise

The following image appeared in the Boston Globe.

Bill Young, Ellen Adair

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