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Ellen is filming on the seventh season of Showtime's "Homeland!" No further details can be divulged, but check back here for updates, or visit the show's website.

"Shades of Blue"

Ellen shot on episode 309 of NBC's "Shades of Blue," as Jane, an Internal Affairs Detective. Season three is expected to air in early 2018; visit the show's website for updated information.

"Domestic Partners"

Ellen was cast as the series lead in this cute new comedy for the web. Check back here for updates.

"Detroit, I Love You"

Last winter, Ellen filmed as one of the series leads in this independent pilot, a comedy about friends running a food truck in Detroit. Updates will be here!

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Ellen appears in five episodes of the second season of the hit Showtime series "Billions," as Graff, a new hire at Axe Capital. Visit the show's website for more information.

"I Love You...But I Lied"

Ellen appears as the episode lead in "Paranoid" in the last season of "I Love You...But I Lied." Full episodes are typically available on LMN's website.

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